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Dual Circus Birthday Party (45 photos)


Party Invitation Front. I designed the invitation and had them printed at via their Press Products, double sided 5X7 postcard. They came out beautiful.

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This party was for my daughter turning 1 and my son who was turning 5. I wanted to do something that would be cute for both of them. It was my first big party. There were a lot of things I had planned to do and just ran out of time for. Not that anyone else would ever know but me. It was fabulous fun for everyone! Since I was running the party and also the one who usually runs the camera, I didn't have a chance to really photograph all the fine details, but the smiles were evidence enough.

I designed the invitation and did a mini photo shoot with the kids for the backside. My daughter was supposed to wear this beautiful feathery headband I ordered from Etsy, but you learn to give up on the little things! (as she defeathered herself) :)

We catered the food and Publix took care of the cupcakes and small cake by using a copy of my invitation and running with it.

My husband built two game booths.

WIN-A-FISH: This booth held 16 plastic fish bowls complete with colored vinyl fish from Oriental Trading. 144 of them to be exact! But I picked out all the orange ones for the Fish Soap! Kids had a ball trying to get the ping pong into the fish bowls. I covered the open sides with Fish Net and hung all the Fish Soap with clothespins around it.

KNOCK-EM-DOWN: The game I ordered from Oriental Trading. This booth I covered the open sides with screen material so when the kids threw the bean bags, they wouldn't go all over the place. 

We also had a duck pond game and then the bounce house. The kids were always busy. 


Background Pattern from Mygrafico: Cupcake Cuties

Tent Clipart: Mygrafico - Kelly Medina 


Marie Thomas Designs
Saint Petersburg, FL
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