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Mustache Bash (28 photos)


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This was a Birthday party for my husband's 25th and father-in-law 55th. We wanted to do something fun and manly. It was a combo of Anchorman(the movie), mustaches and all around man party, complete with a baked potato bar and steak chili. We also did a "pin the mustache" on the birthday boys, as well as a photo booth for all our guests, complete with had made mustaches on a stick made by me! here is a link to my pintrest inspriation board ; as well as a few of my sources and recipies I used.

Papper straws-

invites, penants, food tents, quotes, signs, cupcake circles -

cupcakes(not pictured) devil's food- martha stewart

salted carmel buttercream frosting(which were amazing, say my guests, and easy to make too)-


I used paint sticks spray painted black for the quote bubbles, 5 gallon paint sticks spray painted orange for outdoor signs and craft sticks cut in half and spray painted orange and then glued cupcake circles too. I used a free template for the mustaches ( ) and cut and traced mustaches onto felt and then glued onto skewers that I spray painted orange. I was also going to spray paint my thrift store frame finds orange as well, but ran out of time- but I still think it looked good with the quotes in them.


thanks for looking!

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