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Glam Spa Birthday (18 photos)


Glam Spa Birthday Party by Sugarsticks Parties

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Tallahassee recently welcomed it’s first kids only hair salon Rinse & Repeat. The adorably fresh and bright space of the salon really works well for spa parties that Rinse & Repeat offers so it was really easy to brainstorm Glam Spa themed party that we could shoot in this amazing space. It just so happened that one of our models celebrated her birthday the weekend of the shoot so it really was a birthday celebration:)

I knew from the start I wanted to use a lot of bling detail so I decided on a lighter palette of pale teal and peach pink. The colors worked great in the light filled space, and combined with bling and tulle detail offered a relaxing spa atmosphere. Roses and silver frames added to the glam feeling without overpowering.

FOOD: Rinse & Repeat spa parties happen in the afternoon so it was really important to show a fun twist on everyday foods, instead of just doing a dessert table. Using mini cookie cutters I created bite sized version of PB&J and Nutella sandwiches. I used different fruit jellies and accented each with a piece of fruit held in place with circle toppers.  Going with the spa theme we added mini- bite sized cupcakes and mini fruit salad in pastry cups; chocolate truffles replaced regular candies tying in the glam. Disco dust was used in abundance. I used martini glasses with grapes instead of olives for the pink lemonade to again accentuate the glam.


FAVORS: Favor table was the extension of the food display, using the same white stands. Amazing local vendors, Efil Bath Collection and Little Speckled Frog provided children safe nail polish and an array of handmade soaps as favors. I also wanted to add hand made jewelery and hair pretties as they could easily be turned into party activities for the girls to take home.

Ivona- Sugarsticks Parties
Tallahassee, Fl
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