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Vintage Theatre Inspired Wedding (31 photos)


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With a fantastic renovated theatre for the location, there was very little decorating that needed done to make this sepia-toned wedding blissful!

The Ceremony:  The bride wanted to have seating for her bridal party so we put vintage trunks and half barrels on the stage and provided a "backdrop" of vintage picture frames and an old window.  This whole arrangement was later given to the couple as a prophecy from the groom's grandfather.


"A trunk for your things and a trunk for mine/ A ring for you and a ring for me/ Picture frames for the past and window for the future/ And five little ones."


Flowers:  Since most of the bridal party was from out of town and half the fun of a wedding is keeping your flowers, the bride opted for button bouquets & "button"ierres that could travel well and be kept forever.  The fantastic bouquets, done by  The Perennial Posy ( made quite the statment and were ogled by most guests.  The bouquets were made purely of buttons given to the bride from close family and friends. However, since a bouquet of buttons is not the best for throwing into a crowd of ladies, a small bouquet of autumnal colored roses and coffee berries were used for the bouquet toss.


Reception:  Not only was the theatre great for the ceremony, but the couple were able to use it for the reception also. There were two tables at the front entrance, both covered with lace tablecloths that were donated by a friend of the family.  The first table held favor boxes stamped with "...And they lived happily ever after" and were filled with Hershey Hugs and Kisses.  The second table housed the tossing bouquet, a special candle titled "Blessings" that the couple purchased at the antique store that the groom proposed in, a collage of photos done by the groom's sister, and the guest book.  The guest book is an old vintage book that had been gutted and rebinded with new sepia-toned paper.  The guests each wrote notes on pieces of vellum that were later placed on top of a photo of them at the wedding and anchored on a page in the guestbook.

The same trunk used for the bridesmaids during the ceremony was used for the garter removal during the reception.


Food: In the hallway leading to the upstair balcony tables were set up (using the same vintage lace tablecloths) for the food. The wedding was mid-afternoon so for food there was a caramel apple bar (with choice toppings!), candy, and instead of cake there was an assortment of PIES! Yum!!! 

This was also a dry wedding, so coffee (hot and iced) and tea were served with fun mugs that each guest could choose and take home.  Each of the mugs were themed after places the couple had lived (Portland, OR/Bloomington, IN/ Pittsburgh, PA/ Indianapolis, IN).  There were also syrups available for guests to flavor each drink.



The Getaway:  Since the couple were married at a theatre in the downtown area of town (right next to the university, with a home football game - and it was freshman family weekend!) a getaway by vehicle was not doable.  So, since the couple are both avid bicyclists we decorated each of their bikes with "bride" and "groom" signs, gave them some sepia toned flair, placed the birdcage with all the cards in the brides basket for use on the honeymoon, and gave each of them a playing card (the king and queen of hearts - which was also the stamp used on their invitations) signed by each member of the bridal party. 




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