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Pirates vs. Mermaids (42 photos)


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Last summer I threw a Pirate/Mermaid Party for my 5 year old twins. Although I searched the web, it actually proved to be very difficult to find a party for a boy and girl. Because my daughter is so girly, I had to make sure the theme and color scheme worked for her as well as my son. I used a soft baby blue and black for the pirate side of the party and pale pink and bubble gum pink for the mermaid part of the party. I had decals made to put on the food buckets and drink bins. I sent one invite to my daughter's friends and a different one to my son's. The party was so much fun. We had a treasure hunt where the kids had to find different symbols around the yard (the picture of the sea horse is one of the symbols) to earn mermaid money or pirate's treasure. They also made messages in a bottle, decorated treasure chests, walked the plank, dug for buried treasured, made pearl necklaces and had a huge sword fight (foam swords only). Kids snacked on shells, swords, seaweed, and peanut butter and jelly fish sandwiches, then treated themselves to sea glass, sandy sweet donuts, walk the plank bars and sea sponges. Everyone left with a pirate ship or mermaid tshirt and a huge smile.  You inspire me each day. The star fish cookies are from cookie mamas on etsy and (me) made all the invitation, labels, other printables and tshirts.

Jenny Raulli- Bloom Designs
La Canada, CA
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