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Pumpkin Patch Party (46 photos)


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Theme: My oldest daughter turned 6 this month.  She is truly in love with fall.  Every year she asks to go to the pumpkin patch.  About 6 months ago, she asked for a pumpkin patch party.  I was thrilled with the challenge to create something rustic, yet
trendy and girly!

Food: The girls enjoyed mac-n-cheese. There were fruit kabobs, corn on the cob, turkey chili with cheese and cornbread.

Desserts: We served a delicious home-made pumpkin chocolate chip cake and cupcakes.  There were caramel apples and caramel popcorn.  I put a jar with pumpkin gummies, chocolate pretzels and custom-made marshmallows on a stick.

Drinks: Individual orange juice boxes and bottled water.

Favors: Custom made personalized aprons for each girl.  They also received pumpkin baskets with a pink bow inside and custom pumpkin personalized bracelets from 3 little birds boutique:  They each got to take a small pumpkin with their name on it.

Activities/Crafts: The girls got to decorate their own pumpkin cookies with frosting and sprinkles.  There was a “craft” table where they could paint a wood pumpkin mask, coloring pages, and a word puzzle.  They each took a cute trunk tree pencil from the Pretty Little Party Shop. They got to break a custom made girly scarecrow pinata with lots of candy inside as well. 

It was a great time!  We can’t wait to host another over-the-top party with our little girlfriends!


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