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Let's Have Leftovers Dinner Party (15 photos)



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One of the quintessential questions after a traditional Thanksgiving meal is, “what do I do with the leftovers?’.  Foodbuzz has given me the chance to answer that question as part of this month’s 24x24. . So pour a glass of Gewurztraminer or Shiraz and find out how delicious leftovers can be.

Turkey Stuffed Peppers
Stuffing Frittata
Roasted Garlic Potato Pancakes
Reinvented Green Beans
Cranberry Orange Bars
Pumpkin Pie Brulee
Two Vines Gewurztraminer Washing Sate 2009
Beringer Gewurztraminer 2005
Lindeman Shiraz 2009

Turkey is typically the central part of a Thanksgiving meal and turkey sandwiches can be a bit boring after the second or third one. How about Turkey Stuffed Peppers instead.
Feel like you stuffed after eating all that stuffing! Turn it into a frittata and see if you have room for more.

Oh no, not green beans again! No canned mushroom soup or French fried onions this time. Reinvent them with an orange vinaigrette. Potato Pancakes anyone? A little crunch and roasted garlic will liven up your mashed spuds.

At our house dessert is always welcome but here’s a couple of twists to try. Not everyone loves cranberry sauce. However, cranberries and oranges make a great filling over a nutty oatmeal crust.  Top this seasonal treat with more of the crusty base and you have a slightly sweet and tart bar that goes down real easy. Thanksgiving without pumpkin (or sweet potato) pie would just be sick and wrong. Give it new life by turning it into pumpkin pie brulee¢. Let the drooling begin!

Even though you’re having leftovers you can still set a pretty table. I hope you like the what I’ve done with mine.

Ssginaw, Michigan
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