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A day at Westminster (25 photos)


A day at Westminster dog show birthday party
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For my daughters 7th birthday party I wanted a theme that sophisticated like being at an afternoon tea at a palace, yet whimsical and fun to suit young girls.  My twins were getting a long awaited puppy for their birthday, so I also needed a theme that could tie in to this HUGE surprise. 
That is when "A day at Westminster" theme was born! 

Westminster is a kennell club dog show, and an elite one at that!  So having the children have their very own dog show was going to be the party's main focus.  I provided actual AKC dog breeds that I put in a numbered bag and also had a matching adoption certificate that the children drew out of a basket so that their party favor (stuffed animal) was a fun surprise for them!

After all the children got their dog, then the children named their animals and after were brought to a table (Leash and Collar station) where they made their own leash and collar for their puppy.  I know how much 7 year olds love doing crafts, so I wanted to get creative supplies so that the kiddos could design their own leash and collar (how fun!) and they even got to pick an initial to hang from their collar!  They loved this part the most I think!

From this point, they went to another table where we had puppy clothing laid out so the kids could dress their puppy.  Then they went to the "dog show" area where their puppy was judged based on creativity.

As soon as all the children had a collar and leash and outfit for their puppy then it was time for the dog show to start.  I had a designated area that I used a pot of flowers for to lay out for the space for the dog show.  I also used 2 cardboard boxes that were used for the dogs to sit on while one of the judges looked over each pet.  There were 3 judges who watched the kiddos "walk" their puppy (2 children at a time).  Three awards would be given, most creative, best dressed, and overall best in show!

Before the winners were announced, I gave my girls a card I had written for them to read aloud.  Everyone listened as they read.  The card said "Mommy and Daddy know how much you love stuffed animals and love dogs.  If you could have anything in the world right now what would that be???  At this point I had my husband sneak up behind our girls with our their surprise!  Its their new puppy, A goldendoodle!  They did not expect to have a dog for another 2 years, so when they were so shocked that it was THEIR puppy!  They thought it "must be for somone else!"  "NO sweet girls.....SHE IS YOURS!!"  They named her "Lady" from Lady and the Tramp.  We all love her!

After the surprise we announed the winners of the dog show and then went to sing "Happy Birthday" and have sandwiches, punch, and tons of "Doggy treats", and cake and ice cream.  It was a fun party to plan and all the kids said they had a wonderful time!  Not sure if I can EVER top this!


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