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Muno Inspired 1st Bday Party (25 photos)


Gorgeous day! Entrance view.

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This party was designed for my friend Iris Son’s 1st Birthday Party. I
had also worked on her baby shower so it was an honor to be asked to
work together again on this new special event. She approached me with
the idea of a Yo Gabba Gabba theme for it because her son seems to
really enjoy watching that show so we went for it. Because there was
not a lot out on this specific theme, I tried to make it as unique as
possible by hand crafting the banner, cupcake toppers, goodie bags and
centerpieces. I focused the decor around details from the show’s
characters and its main idea which seems to be that of teaching and
entertaining with music. The color palette was composed of bright red,
yellow, green and orange and some silver and black. I created two
different centerpieces for the tables. One was the boom boxes with
music symbols in black to give the illusion that “music” was coming
out of it and the other one was the face of one of its characters,
Muno. Both designs were made of felt fabric and arranged in red
buckets with green paper shreds. I incorporated the use of multi color
confetti to make the centerpieces a bit more cheerful and brighten up
the tables.

The dessert table was adorned with the “Yo Adrian is one” banner and
displayed red velvet cupcakes, chocolate dipped pretzel rods,
Chocolate dipped Rice Krispies, gumballs and the fun “Muno” face
goodie bags which all the kids loved. The wonderful “Muno” Cake which
was designed by BcakeNY completed the table and was a hit at the
party. The party entertainment was by Party Perfection Professionals
which provided all the kids with face painting, balloon art, cotton
candy, magic tricks and two of the show’s characters Brobbe and Foofa
propped up for pictures with all the children. The party was a blast
and we are sure Adrian truly enjoyed it as he walked around the room
singing (yes he sings!) to the Yo Gabba Gabba tunes. :)

Vendor Resources:

Design, styling, executing and photography: Sarah De Jesus of Dreamers Joy
Events & Design

Handmade Birthday Banner, Centerpieces, Goodie Bags and Cupcake Toppers:
Sarah De Jesus, Dreamers Joy Events & Design

Cake: BCakeNY

Entertainment: Party Perfection Professionals,


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