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Trim A Tree (50 photos)


holiday, christmas, trim a tree, winter wonderland

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Trim A Tree..

I just hosted a "Trim A Tree" for my three daughters and a few of their friends. The color scheme is pale pink. baby blue and mint green- very winter wonderland-esque. The girls arrived and received a personalized tshirt in a paint pail to wear while they were crafting. They had a personalized craftboxes (made by me) at each of their place settings. It was filled with different crafts that were trees or for the tree and it also had a box of "Chirstmas Colors" ( a box of crayolas that I made a label for and covered) in it. The girls snacked on treewiches, snowmac and cheese, and sipped jolly juice and melted ice. We had several sweets including ornaments, ribbons, christmas lights, north poles, ice chips, and Santa's favorite- milk and cookies. My favorite thing that I made are the marshmallow pops in the party's colors. I also loved working with the push pops for the first time! (I can see that there are so many endless options with the push pops- can't wait fo rmy next party) I made the three candy trees on the right of the dessert table out of different sized styrofoam cones. On one, I used ribbon and lollipops to make a lollipop tree. On the other two trees, I used taffy and pink marshmallows. Hope you like it.

Styling by Bloom Designs

Printables,Tshirts and Lunchboxes by Bloom Designs

Cookies by SugarMeDesserterie

Jenny Raulli- Bloom Designs
La Canada, CA
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