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Joyful Sparkled Up Christmas! (36 photos)


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For this year's christmas, I wanted to spark things up a bit and went with a table setting that was sparkly enough to be festive but kept the color palette neutral tones. I used gold as the main color and accented it with a bit of white and beige to give a sophisticated look. I arranged a square base with white sand, mixed in some christmas ornaments and pinecones then added some glittery leave branches, some gold berries and some handmade yarn ornaments to create a centerpiece that was fun,  and cheerful. I embellished some square votives with some gold ribbon and added a glittery reindeer. I also used some cardboard letters {guest's initials) instead of placecards and wrapped them around the napkins with ribbon and adorned them with the gold them berries. My christmas tree was created using the same colors. I used the same yarn christmas ornaments, some gold ones and topped the tree with a white snow bird. I also hung a crocheted garland which I embellished with some glittery reindeers. Now all I'm mixing is the presents and guests to celebrate a joyful christmas eve! :)


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