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Pancakes and Pajamas- A birthday brunch celebration (27 photos)


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The Pancakes and Pajamas collection (and the various versions that have since been developed) is one of Libby Lane Press’ top selling party printable designs.  The invitation started as a brown and pink color scheme and has grown into different colors, patterns and even different slippers!  Well, when my dear friend contacted me about changing the color scheme I was more than willing and rather excited to see her vision play out since she is quite the hostess herself.  So, for her daughter Alana’s 4th birthday we designed the paper goods to coordinate with a lavender, pink, green and turquoise color palette.  Together the colors coordinated perfectly and allowed for the mix of different patterns. 

Jackie, birthday girl Alana’s mother, incorporated many DIY ideas into her cleverly decorated party.  Instead of constructing a fabric backdrop herself, Jackie used a Pottery Barn ruffled shower curtain to incorporate not only texture, but also the colors she desired.  Rather than using plastic chairs for the children’s dining table, Jackie took the toy cubes from her daughters’ playroom, turned them upside down and wah-laa, each child had a ‘stool’ in coordinating party colors that tucked nicely under the table.  The children sipped their beverage of choice out of glass milk bottles, which were formerly Starbuck’s Frappuccino bottles. 

At the end of the children’s table, Jackie placed Alana’s book case from her room which happens to look like a dollhouse.  In front of the dollhouse/headboard was a pillow. The end of the table was made to look like a bed. Such an easy and fabulous way to use what you already have and create a one of a kind look for the Pancakes & Pajamas theme.

The DIY didn’t stop with the ingenious table styling.  Jackie created paper chains and poms to hang from the high ceilings and archway in her home.  All of which incorporated the colors and various patterns to complement the custom invitation.  Each food item was labeled with a tent card or hanging label {from the Pancakes and Pajamas Collection}.  The children rotated through various activities such as: Fruit-Loop Necklaces, Make your own door hanger, Pancakes & Pigtails, Decorate your Prince/Princess and Story time read aloud by Jackie herself.  The chosen book,  Curious George Makes Pancakes.  

The children went home with a goody bag of wonderful treats in honor of Alana’s celebration.  Each girl received a doll (with the same hair color as their own) in pajamas and slippers, stickers, Curious George fruit snacks, and their own personal copy of Curious George Makes Pancakes with a custom designed Libby Lane Press bookplate with this message from Alana:

“ Sweet as syrup and nice as can be...
Thank you for celebrating my 4th birthday with me
Love, Alana”


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