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Holiday Whimsical Woodland Wonderland (21 photos)



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I styled this photoshoot around the Holiday Woodland Owl Fill-in printable invitation that was recently added to my etsy shop .
Since school is closed for the holiday break what better time to get the children together for a playdate. I created a fill-in invitation that can be printed at home and incorporated many DIY treats and decor to make the party planning budget conscious and crafty. 

Some of the treats included:  graham cracker owls, two types of dessert acorns and a whimsical looking toadstool.  The owls were made using graham crackers, slightly melted marshmallows, brown and yellow chocolate wafers and chocolate chips. The smaller acorn was a combination of the top of a mini-Nutter Butter cookie, a hershey kiss and a chocolate chip. The second type of acorn was created using a munchkin donut rolled in  sprinkles and a pretzel stick as the stem.  The whimsical toadstools were the easiest of all: just a Hostess sno ball ‘glued’ with frosting to a jumbo marshmallow. Who knew a toadstool could be so cute and oh so easy?   I also incorporated mini and standard sized marshmallows around the table to create the effect of snow.  Adorable cake pops in the shape of woodland critters were created by the talented Kris of kCreative. My personal favorite being the darling little blue bird that even had stitching on the wings.
I also called upon the ever popular and equally creative, Brittany of Edible Details to create fondant masterpieces to don the homemade cupcakes.  I am still amazed at how perfectly Kris and Brittany were able to coordinate their edible designs to match my table to tee. 
The party decor also supported my overall theme of budget and DIY.  I used a bright pink sheet from Target as a table cloth with Michael Miller Ta-Dot fabric as a runner.  It was a fabric scrap that I ironed to give the illusion of being an actual runner.  The woodland ‘trees’ were made from styrofoam tree forms wrapped in different types of candy like Pixie Sticks, jumbo Candy Dots and sugared gummy AirHeads then topped with extra ribbon. Candy canes were draped from the cake stand to add a festive piece to this non-traditional holiday themed table. The yarn chandeliers in coordinating whimsical colors were made using balloons, cornstarch, Elmer’s Glue and yarn.  While the yarn chandeliers were a very messy project, they were well worth the effort and sticky hands.  Not only were they used as props but they are going to become a part of my children’s playroom. 

I enjoyed incorporating crafty and DIY elements to this styled shoot in hope to inspire a fun holiday playdate while the kids are home until after New Years.


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