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A Little Sparkly New Year (4 photos)


A little sparkly New Years Eve celebration

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I put together a quick shoot for a celebration you might do at home with your kids to mark the New Years Eve occasion. No printables here this time, just paper, scissors and a little bit of hot glue. 

I cut out cupcake wrappers and the numbers 2012 and made toppers with glittered paper. I used a fairly neutral palette that ranged from white to silver to silvery blue to make everything tie together. And that's my bedside table that I took the pictures on. (Always try to use the things you already have first!)

I made a few party hats by cutting shapes out for the front and adding bands to the back, adjusted to the kids' heads. Martha Stewart also had a neat article on how to make these party blowers that I gave a try. They worked perfectly with some of the billion striped paper straws I have laying around.

And what party is complete without a little dessert?? I love parfaits because they are easy to make, easy to serve sugar free, and easy to make look really fancy. Presentation is everything here -- being able to eat dessert out of a champagne glass is just going to make my kids feel extra extra special this year.

It doesn't take much to make a memorable time, and even the little ones like to celebrate the passing of another year. Small touches like these are perfect for small celebrations!


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