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Christmas Cookie Decorating Party (19 photos)


Christmas Cookie Decorating Party Invitations

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My daughter was born on December 24th and having a birthday around the Christmas holiday has alwasy been tough to plan for.  This idea for a Christmas Cookie Decoration party came to mind while all the cute holiday decorations and gingerbread themes started to flood the stores! For ages 3 and up, this is a fun and creative way to get kids and parents together for a festive birthday celebration.  The kids have so much fun gettting creative and decorating their cookies, while the parents really enjoy watching all the excitment. 

Bright red and green colors made for a cheerful atomosphere, with Gingerbread men as main theme/decorations.

The cookies were pre-baked and the table was set with gingerbread men and sugar cookies for every child.  Each place setting had its own selection of sprinkles and toppings in mini-cupcake wrappers so each child had them easily accessible. A variety of icings made it fun and easy for each child to decorate as many cookies as they like. Gingerbread House boxes were provided so the cookies could be taken home after the party. 

Hand decorated aprons were made and personalized for each child as a party favor. 

As a mid-afternoon party, light snacks were prepared.  I used cookie cutters to make Christmas themed pimento cheese and peanut butter/jelly sandwiches. Brownie Pops are alwasy a huge hit! Fruit, vegetables, cheese plate and little sweets were also provided. 

For the adults, hot chocolate & apple cider was available with the Keurig machine. I used Christmas themed disposable coffee cups and candy cane striped coffee stirrers. Juice boxes were provided for the kids. I used left over paper from the invitations to make custom juice-box covers with gingerbread stickers and adorable Christmas straws. The kids loved them! 

Paper from the invitations was also used to make a Happy Birthday Banner on foam Gingerbread men linked together with holiday ribbon.

Hope you enjoy!

Charleston, SC
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