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Adult Harry Potter Party (15 photos)


Martha Stewart Owl Invite

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Table scape, the party was suppose to have a dark feel in honor of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. We were suppose to feel as if we were having dinner in the middle of the Forbidden forest. For the table I used a black plastic table cloth with some strips of white cheesecloth draped to give it a kind of spooky feel yet be reminiscent of the acromantula's in the forbidden forest. I used black and white paper plates from target over my regular plates from home with black water goblets and glass dollar store mugs for butterbeer. I ruffled a gray table runner down the middle topped with three wooden candle pillars and a black dessert stand.

Decor: Outdoors, I printed and copied a few Undesireable No. 1 postes and plastered them in the window and on the door which I also lined with a black plastic table cloth. We freehanded the trees with an exacto knife on about 5 pieces of black poster board to form one tree and put it up against the wall with black push pins. I found some silver skull picture holders at Michaels during Halloween season and placed them throughout. The potion bottles were also found at Michaels and are filled with pretzel wands dipped in chocolate I used a silicone basting brush to add texture, gumball eyeballs, and chocolate covered almonds for bezoar's as for the rest of the bottles water and a few drops of food coloring, here is a link to the lables I used on the bottles I also used some glittery black candelabras from Michaels as well as a frame with a picture of a silver doe and Harry's glasses.

Favors: Qudditch brooms filled with horcruxes and time turners, but you may fill it with whatever you wish. I used the Martha Stewart method here is a link:

Invitations: No picture shown but it was a lot of fun and they turned out perfect for this event. I used a store bought Martha Stewart invitation with a hand made parchment printed Marauders Map, here is the link:

The food: I served a variety of desserts including butterbeer, cauldron cakes, gravestone dirt cups, pumpkin pasties, and chocolate frogs. I also served some grown up food baked chicken, mashed potatoes, cresents, and spinach salad.

Here are a few links and descriptions of the desserts:


Cauldron Cakes:

Gravestone dirt cups: Chocolate pudding, processed oreos, Milano cookie, and black icing.

Pumpkin pasties:


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