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Look whoooo's having a baby! (1 photos)


Three wonderful daughters and I was blessed with a beuatiful, bouncing baby Granddaughter!! Welcome little Maggie!!

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My two daughters and myself planned this shower for my oldest daughter and her husband.  It wasn't a surprise party, but she went into labor just one week later...and that was a total suprise for all of us.  And best of all, they had a little girl and named her after ME...another wonderful suprise!!

We had about 20 guests in attendance.  Since I am an event planner, I hired a vendor friend to make all of the decorations out of balloons.  We later used those balloons as prizes for the games.  We did have a few other gifts but everyone loved these balloons. 

The food was made by my two daughters. Lots of finger food, but very well thought out.  Cute, pink and yummy!!  The tablescape was on me...I used a pink tablecloth and lots of cute, polkadot ribbon threaded pedestals and cupcake and cake stands.  Our beverage of choice was Issi's spakling juices ...I thought the bottles where just so darn cute.  We placed them in a large white enamel bucket trimmed with ribbon of course!!

Games were planned by my youngest daughter and my sister-in-law.  Again very well thought through.  I will be posting the games on my blog soon, so everyone can enjoy them. 

Hope you enjoy our baby shower!


Margie K.
Plainfield, IL
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