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Ava's Pretty Ballerina Party (35 photos)


vintage ballerina cupcake toppers!

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    what a beautiful party! you have incredible taste!! i have been looking everywhere for the pink and silver cupcake wrappers you used for the cupcakes- where did you find them??

    • June 26, 2012 at 12:18PM
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My daughter, Ava, wanted what she called a "pretty ballerina" party for her third birthday.  My inspiration was a mix between traditional ballet concepts, old fashioned ballerina-esque circus tightrope walkers, and retro ballerina images I found online, one being a vintage paperdoll clipart I found at Teri's Paper Doll Land (  This party was a true DIY party as, being on a budget, I did the invitations, decoratins, planning and food myself!  The invitation was done in photoshopt with the vintage ballerina image and I glued it on sparkly scrapbook paper for a little extra pizzazz.  I made my daughters', Ava and Lydia, matching ballerina tanks.  As favors, all of the attendees were given a handmade tutu upon arrival.  We hung them up just like they would be backstage of a real Ballet and a sign above them read "Costume Pickup".  We then gathered together for a craft project of making ribbon wands then proceeded to play several games, including "Freeze Dance" to classical music.  The food table went along with the ballerina theme as the centerpiece were the cupcakes, topped with vintage toy ballerina toppers, encircled by another miniature tutu.  The food had a very circus vibe and I also wanted everything to be somewhat light and "fluffy"; there were pink marshmallow pops, popcorn, balled watermelon, cotton candy, chocolate dipped pretzels, and Ava's favorite food - cheese cubes! For drink we had little water bottles with a labe featuring the vintage ballerina and raspberry sherbert punch.  My favorite thing of the whole party was also the least expensive - a pink 50's diner-like straw dispenser that I found at the local dollar store which I filledwith coordinating colored straws!  An explanation of some of the other pictures featured: one is a closeup of an old pair of pointe shoes that belonged to me which I used within the decoration.  I also included photos of Ava's first pair of ballet shoes, the freshwater pearl bracelet she wore to her party and a photo that was featured on my business' Facebook page).  As a backdrop for her present-opening area, we simply hung polkadot & white crepe paper and a banner that read "Happy Birthday Ava".  I created the popcorn cones, as well as the banner and water botte labels in photoshop with a digital scrapbook set by Paislee Press.  While opening her gifts, Ava sat on a little metal chair with a tutu on it that a friend had picked up for her at a local flea market.  At the end of the party, all the guests were encouraged to take a picture with the birthday girl in our "photobooth-ish".  We simply hung pink curtains up and aluminum foil stars to create a backdrop and featured directions on a chalkboard speech bubble.  As gusts began to leave, they each parted with a homemade ballerina shaped sugar cookie that had been waiting patiently in the wings of the birthday girl's music box....

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Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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