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My Pre-Christmas Party Dessert Table (13 photos)


Red and White Christmas Dessert Table

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As all our family and close friends were celebrating Christmas at different locations, I decided to have a pre-Christmas party for all our loved ones and friends.

So just two weeks before the event, I started my planning. I had to come up with a dinner menu and off course a dessert table.

The colour palette I chose was red and white. I thought I had to stick to a traditional colour palette as I didn't have much time to source everything otherwise.

Not much time and twenty five guests arriving. Where do I start.

I had to be creative while at the same time use the resources available to me.

I started by designing my little white twig tree. This was to be a feature on the table in the middle of the Cake Pops. The cake pops were white chocolate mud with red candy canes on each of them.

The main feature off course was the snow flake meringue Christmas tree which I made. I used a foam tree sculpture as the base and then used royal icing to attach the meringues. I then added silver cauhous in the gaps. This was the biggest challenge for me as I’ve never attempted to make something like this. I displayed this on a red shiny box which I used as the stand.

The cupcakes were designed by me. I had Cupcake Dolly make the base of the cupcakes and the buttercream swirls. I then decided to add Persian fairy floss on top of the cupcakes in the shape of a white Christmas tree with red and white dusting.

The cookies were white snowflakes with red patterns on them. I displayed these on my beautiful diamante stand alongside some plain gingerbread and Christmas tree cookies.

The chocolate wrappers were designed by myself using the same paper as the front of the table. I included this in the centre of the table in front of ‘JOY’.  ‘JOY’ was my main statement for the night as one word summarises what Christmas is to me. It’s ‘JOY’ in having all my family and friends together.

I had to include Pannacotta. I needed to make sure they fit in the theme so I made white Pannacotta shots with a raspberry on each one. I displayed these on a three tired diamante cupcake stand.

In line with the theme I made Santa’s Jelly Belly Mascarpone. Off course we all know that Santa has a jelly belly but could it be because of all the delicious mascarpone Mrs Claus makes for him.

As I had a few children at my Christmas party I included a section of the table for the children and called it Santa’s Candy Buffett. This included four beautiful jars of Santa Pops, Christmas Tree Candy, White Chocolate Bark ( which I made with dried cranberries and pistachios and packaged) and Candy Canes.

Each family in attendance left with a jar of red, white and green jelly beans along with some white chocolate bark. The Printables on these favors were from The Candy Tree.

The Lanterns hanging near the merry Christmas sign in the background resembled Snow Balls falling from the sky. I have included a night shot of the table with the red lanterns lit up. This looked absolutely amazing last night.

Overall, everyone had a great night.


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