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Marin's Gnome and Fairy Birthday Party (19 photos)



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    I absolutely ADORE this party and would love to share on my blog! Please let me know if I have your permission!

    • January 21, 2012 at 4:58PM
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Marin's Gnome and Fairy 2nd Birthday!

I have to say I had a blast planning this party! I know that the only time I will be able to pick the themes of my kid's parties are when they are little. Gnomes are all the rage right now and I think they are so little and cute. I have to hand it to pinterest, it definitely got my wheels turning and gave me some great  ideas to make my own.

I started witht the invitation, I found a vendor on Etsy called Good Frau who had a great woodsy background. I sent her some gnome clip art I had bought online and she created the perfect invitation for my little soiree. Our collaborative effort turned out so cute that she now sells them in her Etsy shop now for everyone else to enjoy.

I made red and white tutus for all fo the girls and provided each one with their own set of wings. The boys were outfitted in gnome hats and beards that I made out of felt.

For the dessert table, I found some red striped fabric at IKEA. I took the clip art I purchased online and framed a few gnomes in some old IKEA frames I had sitting in the garage. We had some extra fake grass from the play yard we created on the side of our hous and cut it in the shape of a 2 and used some of it as a base on the table.

I used some little Christmas trees we had for height on either end of the table. I found the woodsy owl, hedge hog and little gnome at my local Home Goods (my personal favorite store). I found some pine cones while my daughter and I were on a walk one day and added them to the tablescape as well. Little green mossy rocks can be found at Wal-Mart really cheap!


I made white cupcakes with Red frosting and white M&M's to look like toad stools ( I saw the idea on Pinterest, I can't take credit for that) I made little birds nests out of Chinese noodles dipped in chocolate and added a few jelly bellies that looked like bird's eggs. I had Chocolate covered pretzels with red chocolate and little white poppy sead sprinkles. The cookies I made to look like acorns were made from chocolate chips, baby vanilla wafers and hershey kisses.

For her birthday cake I simply baked a yellow cake, frosted it with white icing and added red m&ms. We have a cute little candy store in Central Phoenix called "Smeeks" where I found the gnome cookies. I made a pennant banner fro the top of the cake with bamboo skewers, extra fabric, string and som Martha Stewart woodsy looking letters that I found at Joann Fabrics.

For the table scape with the munchies:

I found some moss covered mounds in the clearance section at Joann Fabrics. I bought some molding clay and made some toad stools to attach to them. I glued the mossy mounds on top of some galvanized flower pots i spray painted red that I picked up at IKEA. I made some little stands out of slices of wood with little round cups glued to the bottom.

Other Decorations:

I took our old wheel barrow and painted it greet to match the decor. It needed revamping anyway! We filled it with ice and drinks for all of the guests. I made toadstools out of white piping I got at Home Depot and Red Mylar balloons. I used white round stickers fo the polka dots on the top.

I bought some little white stools for the kids table from IKEA as well. I added white stickers to the top, spray painted the tops red and removed the stickers. Once the stickers were removed the they were red with white polka dots. Now the little ones had their very own little seats. I use thestools in my daughter's playroom now that I designed in a gnome theme as well. This way I could convince my husband that the decorations were an investment for the playroom:)

We had a photo booth with funny mustaches, glasses etc; where all of our guests got their picture taken. I set up my camera on a tripod and made sure everyone participated. I found a really large frame in the "as is" section at IKEA that I suspended from the overhang on my back patio. I used each photo and sent it to our guest in their Thank you notes!


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