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Black White and Yellow Engagement

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We were contacted by a lovely couple to create a sweets display for their engagement party. The color scheme of their event was black and white, with a hint of yellow. Although we had very little time on our hands to create a contemporary table of candy and sweets, we pulled it off at the end. 


We created a lovely black and white backdrop for the table using specialty paper. We handmade all the different sized paper fans ourselves


Since the couple informed us that they would not be having a cake at their engagement party, we decided to upstage our desserts by making our own tiered stand. Using gift wrap and gorgeous linen, we created two different sized squared stands and embellished them with black rosettes that we handmade. On top of the quared stands, we placed three different cake pedestals in order to make room for more desserts. 


Some desserts we baked were chocolate cake pops with white candy coating and candy pearls, vanilla cupcakes decorated with yellow candy pearls, zebra cakes we purchased from the store, Italian wedding cake balls with powdered sugar coating, double dipped pretzels that we dipped in white chocolate at first and drizzeled with yellow colored chocolate after. 


We also provided different types of candy according to their color sheme. We purchased marshmallows, black licorice wheels and jelly beans, white flower shaped hard candy, lemon heads, and more. 


We embellished some of our jars with white rosettes that were handmade by us as well. We provided a white rosette table linen and black organza bags for the party guests.


At Sweet Candy Couture, we like to create our displays using our own handmade products, as opposed to purchasing items from other vendors.


Thanks to Rene Zadori Photography for providing these amazing photos for us. He is based in Los Angeles and does amazing work!

Photo credit: Rene Zadori Photography


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