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{Rockets & Aliens Birthday} (28 photos)


Party Style & Design: Southern Belle's Charm
Custom Rocket Shirt - Olive&Ollie
Tissue Poms - Party Poms
Fondant Toppers - Two Sugar Babies
Candy Capsules - HeyYoYo
Cake - Retro Bakery
Alien Lunch Sacks - Jettabees

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Theme: Rockets & Aliens inspired by Toy Story 3
Decorations: I went with limes and blues as the colors.  I used rockets and "G"s as the focus for the party.  We have always called him G since he was little and due to the space ranger influence {G Force} was a perfect match.  There was lanterns hung as planets with slinkies {inspired from the movie} as the fire from the rocket.  I used Tissue Poms and a polka dotted lime background to create the {Dessert Bar} background and added a custom banner with his name on it.  There was lots of polka dots, rockets and G's to pull the theme together.  We found the little aliens from the movie and used them on the cake and as filler on the tables.  We made monster aliens to decorate the table.  My son wore a custom shirt made by Olive&Ollie.
Food/drinks: We served a picnic lunch in Alien lunch sacks complete with rocket peanut butter sandwiches with Toy Story 3 grapes.  The adults had chicken salad in croissants with celery/carrots in ranch served in votive containers.  There was fruit skewers too!  I like to serve the same thing for adults as the children but in a more fun presentation.  The party is for both groups of people.  We had Blue Cosmic Cooler which was lemonade with blue Mondo instead and served in lime Pellegrino bottles with rocket labels.  We served the drinks for the kids in lime and blue frozen rocket cups to keep their drinks cool on the hot day.  And before they left we had blue rocket Popsicles made from molds.  There was a gorgeous cake to accompany the {Dessert Bar} which included: Cotton Candy Rockets with Pop Rock Aliens, Rice Krispie Rockets, Cookies, Buzz Lightyear Pez, and candy galore.
Favors: It was a swim party {we do live in Las Vegas - so it was 115 degrees on the day of his party} so the favors were swim toys, floats, water blasters and sand toys all with Buzz Lightyear and the Aliens on them.  For the adults we gave out sugar cookies with fondant toppers on top.  
Activities:  We had everyone show up to Star Command at 11:00 am and the kids soared into Space {pool} with games and activities.  
DIY projects: I made the invitations, favor tags, banner, treat bag tags, labels for food/beverages, thank yous, birthday hats and party styled everything.
Shopping resources: Party City for polka dot napkins, Polka Dot Market for balloons, Lanterns and Favor Bag toys from Dollar Tree.
Custom Rocket Shirt - Olive&Ollie {Etsy}
Tissue Poms - Party Poms {Etsy}
Fondant Toppers - Two Sugar Babies {Etsy}
Candy Capsules - HeyYoYo {Etsy}
Yo-Yo's for Alien Monsters - BackYardPrims {Etsy}
Rockets - Paperpyro {Etsy}
Cake - Retro Bakery
Alien Lunch Sacks - Jettabees


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