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A Hungry Caterpillar 2nd Birthday Party (12 photos)


The table layout

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For my youngest's 2nd birthday, I wanted to go with something simple and I also wanted to keep the snacks on the healthy side.  I decided with its emphasis on fruits, a Hungry Caterpillar party was the way to go!

I painted a canvas to greet the party guests when they came up the front walk. The image was copied from the first page of the Very Hungry Caterpillar story book and included the quote "in the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf."  Next to the canvas I had a basket of headbands embelished with pipe cleaner antenae for each guest to wear during the party. 

For food I had a tray representing each of the foods mentioned in the story (with the exception of the leaves and the salami.)  Because I wanted to avoid a sugar-overload, I opted to make miniature cherry pies, miniature cupcakes and miniature chocolate cake bites.  I made ice cream cone cupcakes in place of the ice cream cones in the story to avoid a drippy mess and I replaced the lolipops with lolipop shaped sugar cookies baked on sticks and wrapped to look like real lolipops.  I served simple lemonade for the beverage.

During the party the kids compleated three craft activities. They made clothespin butterflies using coffee filters, markers and wooden clothespins, Thumbprint caterpillar bookmarks and egg carton caterpillars.  The creativity was fantastic and no two crafts looked alike!

While the little party guests were snacking, I played the short Disney adaptation of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" movie, which the kids really seemed to enjoy.

For decorations I made a caterpillar out of red and green balloons and mounted him above the food table.  I also strung yarn across the large doorways and clipped 30+ photos of my son to the yarn with clothespins. The photo garland was a fun, festive touch.

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