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Sweet Treats Valentines Printable Set (28 photos)


Sweet Treats Valentines Party by The Party Bakery using our Printable Collection

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I LOVE Valentines Day!! It’s one of my favorite Holiday’s…well ok..I say that about almost all of them, but I love a holiday that’s main purpose is to celebrate the ones we love! I mean really…how cool is that! Not to mention how stinking adorable everything for Valentines Day is. Pink, Red, Hearts, Polka Dots, Chocolate, Flowers, Adorable plush animals, I mean really…what’s not to love! Valentines Day is not just for couples either…there are lots of people in your life that you love and that deserve to know it and be reminded of it often!

The only bad thing about Valentines Day is that it comes off the heels of Christmas and right before Tax Day so money is usually a little tight for most people. This table set up was to  show you that you can set a fun and creative party table that will make people think you spent a fortune but won’t break the bank at all! That’s all something we can ALL LOVE…right?




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