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Ava's Fluttering Butterflies in the Garden Party! (50 photos)


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Ava’s Fluttering Butterflies 1st Birthday Party

Here are pictures from my daughter Ava’s 1st Birthday Party.  The theme was fluttering butterflies in the garden.  Almost everything from the décor to the desserts was home-made.

We had the party at my parents (Ava’s grandparents’) home because it already had a garden feel to it.  We decorated the area with different size butterflies, wind chimes, and flower/butterfly garland.  We hung these from the tents and trees and used butterfly stakes in the ground – all to give the appearance of butterflies flying around the yard.  To add to the decor, we made dozens of paper flowers, in varying sizes, to hang in the tents and place on tables throughout the party.  For the centerpieces, we purchased different size pails from target (3 for each table).  We created a mat with three large green circles to depict grass.  A large pail was filled with a butterfly catcher (from target), a plush flower (also target) and bee/butterfly sticks that we found at Christmas tree shop.  In one of the smaller pails, we put green grass and in the other small pail, we placed decorative trees (from target).  I made small paper flowers to hang on the trees along with little butterflies.  I also cut out pictures of Ava in flower shapes to hang from the branches.  The mat was also decorated with flowers and butterflies/dragonflies.

We had a welcome table which had a guestbook for the guests to sign.  On the table, we also had cute, plush insect pens (from Michael’s), a pail with a bouquet of the plush flowers (to match the ones in the centerpieces), a photo collage and Ava’s name in wooden white letters which I covered in yarn to match the colors of the party.

I had Paper and Pigtails do a design for the party.  I requested that she send me large circles of the different patterns that she used in the design and then I printed out tons of these circles to use to make many different matching decorations for the party.  To decorate the tents, I made photo garlands to hang from each corner.  I printed dozens of pictures of Ava and cut them into circles; I then cut out larger pattern circles and attached these pictures to the patterns.  I then strung them together with ribbon.  This ended up being a great way to display many pictures of Ava in a way that matched the rest of the party and added color to the tents!  I also did the same for a 0-12 month banner – taking a picture of Ava from each month and stringing it across the main tent with little butterfly clothespins that I found at Michaels.  To decorate the food table, I placed branches in a tall vase and decorated the tree with more of the paper flowers that we made as well as some of the flower cut outs of Ava’s pictures!  We also wrapped the silverware in matching pink napkins and used the cupcake topper circles to tie to each set, with ribbon.

I also used the pattern circles to make a “Happy 1st Birthday Ava” banner.  I used two different sized circles of different patterns and attached them to each other – I then added glitter letters that I found at A.C. Moore and strung them with ribbon.  This was hung above the welcome picture table and later, the dessert table.

In addition, I wanted a nice backdrop for behind Ava’s highchair when she was having her cake.  I cut more pattern circles in different sizes and strung them together in 8 rows.  I hung them over a door so this would be all you would see behind her highchair.  Also, I made a matching circle banner for the front of her highchair which stated, “Ava is One!”  I used pattern circles and wrote the words with foam letters, then strung it with ribbon.

During the party, we set up lawn games to keep the children busy.  We set up bowling, ring toss, jump ropes, hula hoops and golf.  The children also enjoyed running around the yard with the butterfly nets, trying to catch butterflies.

During the party, we had a drink table set up with pink lemonade, sangria and water bottles covered with labels in the design by Paper and Pigtails.  All the food and drinks had matching tent cards to describe the items.

The dessert table was my favorite detail of the party.  We had a huge variety of treats for the guests.  I made rice krispies treat pops shaped like butterflies and flowers, cheesecake pops, chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and strawberry cupcakes.  I also made sugar cookies shaped like dragonflies, butterflies and flowers.  The cupcakes were decorated with cupcake toppers which I added ribbon to, in colors matching the party.  In addition, we had a cake with butterflies made by Angel Cakes with a matching Smash Cake for Ava.  The dessert table was a huge hit with everyone.

For favors – we wrapped up the butterfly/flower sugar cookies that I had made and tied them with tags stating, “Thank you for fluttering with us!”   Also, I made an individual beach pail for each child.  I bought beach pails in colors to match the party and filled them with crayons, bubbles, pens/pencils/markers, puzzles, coloring books and craft activities.  In the girls’ pails, we included plush flowers to match the ones on the tables.  On each pail I used more pattern circles to make individual tags.  On each tag, I spelled out each child’s name with foam letters.

My daughter wore a long white dress from the Gap which went with the theme of the party perfectly.  I also purchased a beautiful headband from Banner Boutique for her to wear in her hair.  Her outfit was topped off with a set of pink butterfly wings!

We ended up with a gorgeous day and I am extremely happy with how beautiful everything turned out!


Nicole LD
Toms River, New Jersey
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