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Tangled Inspired Birthday Party (28 photos)


Tangled/Rapunzel Inspired Princess Birthday Party

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We held  a tangled inspired birthday party for my youngest this year at our home. It was such a fun party to put together and the kids had a blast!


The dining room and table were set to look like the Snuggly Duckling, the thug pup that Rapunzel and Flynn happen into in the middle of the forest.

I kept the food simple and offered cheese and bread, Hazelnut soup(potato soup), Cherry cheescake cupcakes and Rapunzels Tower fruit kabobs.

The birthday girl requested donuts instead of cake since apparently she was "soooo over cupcakes and cake" The donuts were actually perfect. We were able to stack them into a tall tower that we then added some icing vines and flowers too. A tower window and peak and we had Rapunzels tower!

For drinks we offered a bowl of Magic Golden Flower punch. This was a simple golden wedding punch recipe.


I wanted to use something to make Rapunzels hair flowing throughout the house so we came up with the idea of using a roll of yellow vinyl from the party store and it worked perfectly! We were able to make hair that came out of the top window of the house and was draped onto the front porch to greet guest as they arrived at the party.

One of my favorite things from the party was the big tree that we decorated outside. The kids loved sitting under the tree and looking at all of the pictures dangling from every branch. They sat there to eat their goodies while the soundtrack from the movie played in the background.

Games and Activities

We wanted a place were everyone could paint since that what Rapunzel spends a great amount of time doing in her tower. We ran to the dollar store and purchased 2 rolls of wrapping paper and with the white side showing we ran the rolls down the fence to our backyard. It was the perfect backdrop for all of the kids to paint on. When they were done we had an adorable piece of artwork.

We also provided some sidewalk chalk, dancing and a pin the nose on Flynn game.

To top of the evening we released a few sky lanterns into the night. The kids loved watching them go up into the air!

As favors each child was given a hand decorated Pascal cookie from Decorated Desserts. A kingdom flag and some coloring sheets.

It was a magical party and was very budget friendly!


We decorated a big tree in the front yard with a few strands of white christmas lights and




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