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Eighties Baby Shower Theme (9 photos)


80's Vintage Record Baby Shower Theme Baby Boy

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    Wanted a simple yet fun table design. Used the printables from this site HWTM from the You spin me round baby shower. Printed a few things out from those and incorporated items I still had from the 80's to make the party fun! Instead of shower games we played the Parker Brothers 80's Trivil Pursuit game which is not easy. Used cardstock from Michael's along with the ribbon and tulle and also the frames.

    • January 16, 2012 at 11:05PM
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Purchased the printables that are found on under baby shower titled "You Spin Me Round Like a Record Baby." Used some of the printables that I received in this package. Wanted to focus on the vinyl aspect for this party.  Used the black and white paper that is in the printable kit with some of the signs. FYI when taken to Office Max to print it was formatted to print on legal size paper. I did not have them print this on cardstock for me just the regular paper was fine.

 For the banner that I used to give a great impact for the party I took some of my records that I did not care to ruin the back of since I was using adhesive paper that comes in 3 sheets at Michaels. I was able to cut or trim using scissors and for some things my Martha Stewart Circle Cutter. Used (3) 45's and just eyed balled the space I wanted them apart. I pressed lightly on the record when sticking to the ribbon. You can pull this apart if you need to re align just pull carefully. The continued with the next record using (1) 33 lp then (3) more 45's to finish a banner like appearnace on my curtains.

The coolest thing I am very proud of is the "Platinum Vinyl record signature frame" I wanted to have something really unique. I purchased a white metal 11x17 frame at Micahel's and the cardstock I used was by Bazzil paper (Blue Calapyso). Then used one of the printable black and white zigzag from the package on the When I applied the cardstock I wanted to get as much on there with out having to do alot of cutting! So they paper is a 12x12 that I am using, so not alot had to be cut and some was overlaped. I used your good ole Scotch double sided tape. Worked wonderul! I did not want to use and glue dots or liquid or quick drying since that would still cause problems . The decal with the Rock Star sticker was also at Michael's. I used my Martha Stewart Circle Cutter and the two sizes used are (solid blue card stock was 4 1/16th and the baby boy record off the printable was a 3 1/8th on the baby boy wording printable that I used again.

The other two colors which I used for the middle of the 45's to be put at the front of the table cloth hangin down was a Bazzil Lime Crush and Bazzil Bouquet (dark purple) Just used them to fill in the 45's. For those I just traced and cut those out with scissors since I threw that in the day of the party reall quick. Used the sweet baby boy embellishments in the printable package on the paper cups those with the baby design and on the 45 sweet baby boy. These by scissors since the fancy design.

I went down in the basement and got some of the barbies that I own to put them out for fun! My husband still had the pac-man along with some collectible pepsi cans that I kept. Everyone commented on these items! They loved it! It broke the monotony of a typical shower that you see and or table design. Yes, I did have food. However I did not take pictures I kept it simple to easy finger appetizer foods: Toasted Ravivolli, Spinakopita and Egg Rolls, veggies, Strawberries and pineapple and fruit cream cheese dip along with the Pepsi throwback cans, mello-yello and diet coke with lime.

 For Goodie bags since this was smaller I was able to splurge more on the girls so at Michaels I purchased some Razzles and Ring pop candies and pink glitter and black and white polka dot of 3 pack emery boards along with black and white polka dot nail stickers. This is distruburted for Michael's stores only At Wal-mart they have a 2-pack of a decent size of Love's Baby Soft colonge for $6.00. The girls all loved that one! At JCP I found in their jewerly by Carole a pack of 4 colors in neon pink, green , yellow and orange jelly bracelets and jelly rings this came in a set. Their where 4 colors of each kind in the bracelets and 2 of each color in the rings. This was Awesome!

I also made a CD trying to stay away from certian songs on every comp CD and going for other ones not always played. This was my 80's Mixed Tape on CD.

The cupcakes are at a bakery in Chesterfield Mo called "Whiptcream Bakery" I gave them the picture and they matched it and this is fondant.


Hope you enjoy!


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