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Rainbow Art Baby Shower (41 photos)


Rainbow Art Baby Shower
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A modern grown up twist on the rainbow theme

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The mother-to-be is a lover of art.  So what better way to start her little one's creative side off right than a baby shower centered around art.  When the planning started she was unsure if we she having a girl or boy so instead of a gender-inspired color theme we chose a rainbow color theme.  However we didn't want to actually use the "rainbow" as a part of the decor so "pops of color" were set against a simple white backdrop.   


The invites set the tone and theme for the modern colorful art party.  The invites were a new twist on the paintchip fan.  A series of descending color lined circles set up a "rainbow of color" while each circle revealed information about the shower.  The rainbow was subtle but the white background and sillouetted baby items kept it clean and modern.


The shower was held at a local art gallery which was a good way for some decor to be build in.  White gallery walls with art work set the backdrop.  The sillouetted baby items used on the invite were replicated on large canvases for the baby's nursery and became the backdrop for the food table.  Art prints for the baby's nursery was displayed on the food table as well.  The circles from the invite became a detail to tie all the pieces together.  Paint cans were used to give height to the food table as well as display the "rainbow booties" made for the baby!  When working with so many colors it can overwhelm the senses so instead of using all the colors at each place setting, we chose a single color for each setting.  Grouping of the colors created a cleaner look but when the long table was viewed all together it became a "rainbow."  Monochromatic florals were arranged in paint cans down the center of the table to continued this color theme.


Of course "colorful" food was a must!  We served colorful veggie cups with dipping sauce, layered fruit parfaits, colored chocolate covered almonds, sugar cookie sandwiches with colored icing and the mother-to-be's favorite pita and hummus.  We had fun coming up with artist themed names for the food like Van Gogh Veggie Cups and Pablo Picasso Pita and Hummus.  The cake balls were the centerpiece of the food and instead of coloring them on the outside the cake inside was colored but were all iced white.  We placed them on individual plates with colored sugar under them to identify the cake ball color.  This display really pulled our modern circle theme together on the food table.  For beverages we served different carbonated juices but named them simply by their color.  Guests really got a kick out of this and got very "artistic" with their "color" mixing.  Chocolate Caramel Balls were placed on colored sugar plates for snacking throughout the party.  


From the beginning of the shower guests were incouraged to get "artistic" by coloring on the white paper tablecloths.  crayons were tied with colored ribbon at each place setting.  Guests were also given a small blank white card to color, draw or write something for the baby, momma and daddy-to-be.  They then placed the cards in one of  24 envelopes attached to a canvas.  Each envelope represented a month of the baby's first 2 years and each month the couple and baby can open one for a little encouraging advice or sentiment from one of their guests.  

The main activity was a painting by each guest for the baby's nursery.  We chose to take inspiration from Andy Warhol's pop art for the piece.  Each guest was given a colored canvas that already had a blocked out image of the family's dog on it.  They then painted the canvases however they wanted.  At the end of the shower the momma-to-be walked away with 40 individual paintings by her guests Each guest wrote their name on the back.  The mother picked a few of her favorites and those are hanging in the baby's nursery.  The rest were placed in a scrapbook.  Art can be intimidating to non-artists but this activity was simple short and perfect to get everyone involved!  


At the end of the shower guests were sent home with amazing colored lollipops (which acted as the centerpiece of the table) created by The etsy shop Sweetniks  Each one said "Thanks for joining us before she POPS." 

Simple details and pops of color gave this a very fun but modern look. The theme was so fun and different for a baby shower. Everyone had a blast getting artistic and the mother walked away with some great artwork for the baby's nursery.  



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