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Douglass Charles Airways (16 photos)


the food table

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    I love your party theme. Where did you get all your party supply?

    • April 13, 2012 at 8:30PM
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February 26th we welcomed aboard several friends to celebrate Douglass Charles' birthday. Our airplane theme was a big hit and I had so much fun putting the whole thing together. My friend, Suzie (Split Second Photography) dropped by to take professional shots and my friend Tally helped get my imagination rolling on ideas.

The invitation was adapted from an invite that I created for my sis-in-law months ago. I decided to go with pool, green, and orange - which I loved the pool and orange together. You will notice the wording mirrors that of an actual airline ticket itenerary (Tally's idea).

This wreath welcomed our guests aboard as it hung on the front door. This design wasn't my original plan, but I was pleased with the result.

The dining room table was adorned with even more airplanes flying above the clouds - which was cotton batting (also Tally's idea). I can't even tell you how many airplanes I cut out for all these things, but it was a lot. :)

Each guest's place was set at the table with their silverware wrapped in a napkin and tied off with teal ribbon with a cloud with the guest's name on it. This truly was an afterthought as I had a TON of clouds precut and wanted to use them.

Party favors were sugar cookies with teal icing. The labels read "Thanks for flying with us." The adorable gift favors were a present from my mother - who made them all. They had several fun prizes inside - candy, a bouncy ball, and a spin top.

A party wouldn't be complete around our house without cupcakes - and cupcake toppers at that. I also created a wonderful little mobile that hung from the chandlier. It looked like little planes flying over all those wonderful sugary treats.

We had a small group of little ones and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! The kids played outside, we had a scavenger hunt, did some chalk drawing, and the most favorite activity - a balloon fight!

The menu was simple - Taco soup for all the adults and hot dogs for the kiddos - after all everyone knows that a birthday is about the cake anyway. :)

Honestly, I know that my sweet boy would have been happy with a simple playdate with friends and cupcakes for dessert, but nonetheless, I wanted to make it special and special, I do believe it was. :)


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