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Cowboy Party (36 photos)



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    I love it! I am doing a cowboy/farm theme for my son's 3rd birthday and I hope it comes out as wonderful as your's did! Do you have any more details on the shooting gallery? What kinds of guns did you use?

    • March 28, 2013 at 12:08PM
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This cowboy party was a combined party for my two and four year old boys.  We used a lot of burlap and traditional cowboy fabrics to decorate... I made most of the decorations, including our custom invitations, fabric buntings, wanted posters, and stick horses.  Lunch, the traditional cowboy fare of BBQ (and hotdogs for the kids), was served in cast iron.  Guests received cowboy gear as favors upon arrival, including hats, bandanas, moustaches, sheriff badges, and western tattoos.  They also were able to take home cowboy favors, such as wooden train whistles and candy, from our general store before leaving.  My husband gets much of the credit for his hard work on all of the games and activities.  The hit of the party was definitely the shooting gallery he created, complete with motorized and moving targets.  The guests all loved it!  He also constructed an old west jail and a sawhorse with a real steerhead attached, which the children used to practice their roping skills whiile sitting on a real saddle attached to a haybale.  The children panned for gold (painted rocks) in a sand box and practiced tossing rubber snakes into a pair of old cowboy boots.  Grandpa brought his antique rope maker and let all of the children make their own rope to take home.  My little cowboys loved every minute of their buckaroo party!

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