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BE MINE Valentines Day (32 photos)


Be Mine! Valentines I Heart You collection -

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The Be Mine Collection - by Party On Designs


DIY How to make a Tulle- Pom-Pom Garland

1. Purchase tulle already in 6" rolls. You will need about 25 yards to complete 8 poms as shown.

2. Wrap your hand with the tulle, gently, about 10 times. The looser you wrap, the easier it will be in the next step.

3. Remove the band of wrapped tulle from your hand. Holding it together so it will not unravel.

4. Tie with a thin ribbon, wire, or fishing line. Double knot in the center.

5. Cut the loops on both ends

6. Fluff the loose ends by basically twisting side to side. As you do this a few times, you will see they will turn into balls. The more you do this, the fluffier it will become.

7. Once you have your Tulle Poms -  use a needle and thread to string it and VOILA!


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