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Zoeys Pink Sock Monkey Party (13 photos)


Pup cakes from 3 Dog Bakery.

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This was my puppy Zoeys first Birthday party held with her Orange County Yorkie and small dog meetup group. The venue was at a Petsmart training facility. Due to the design of the facility we made due with the best of circumstances for decorations and creativity.

The theme was pink sock monkeys, which I drew my inspiration after seeing several artists on The color theme was pink, brown and white/vanilla.

I went for a sweet shop setup with a separate table for party food, water and gifts. Having the decor on tables and higher up was a necessity for this event because it was an off-leash meetup for dogs who would be running around. The dogs safety came first above party decor.

Since I was on a tight budget, I spent a couple months accumulating the sweet shop containers, some of which are from the dollar store. I glued some candlesticks on glass vases and a plate to create height and interest. Craft paper was used to cover simple serving pieces to create fluidity with the party theme and colors.

The sweet shop itself is divided into 2 sections. The left half was dedicated to human sweets and treats and the right half was dedicated to the dog treats. My mom made the cupcakes for the humans and 3 Dog Bakery made the dog pupcakes custom with pink coloring made from beat pulp. A custom dog treat store on etsy (Mudpuppies) made the yogurt covered bannana peanut butter dog petit fours and hand dipped the bones in yogurt chips. I hand made the sock monkey myself from a kit bought on The centerpiece was a hurricane I had from home filled with a pink feather boa and a floral piece that looks like rock candy.

I made the water bottle lables myself using a 2 inch cupcake topper on top of a scrapbooking strip of design paper. Clear packing supply tape was used to secure them to the bottle. Several appetizers were brought by the guests, and I included extra serving pieces to continue the color theme. I made strawberry cream cheese tea sandwhiches cut using a heart cookie cutter.

The Birthday girl is wearing a custom made harness designed by J Harmen @ The Pokey Puppy Collection on A custom photo booth using a presentation board and fleece fabric was created with several props  to create the portrait like pictures of the dogs.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Lake Forest, CA
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