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Spa Party! (50 photos)


  • crackersart:

    This party is amazing and looks like so much FUN! You've thought of everything. Your attention to detail is fantastic - even right down to the bubble placemats on the table! :o) Just love it.

    • March 24, 2012 at 5:40PM
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  • image description


    Hi, I wish I had help with my daughters spa party :( Where did you get the robes? Also, how do you print the little signs and also the large signs all with matching background?? Thank you,

    • September 7, 2012 at 9:45AM
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  • image description


    I am having a spa party for my daughter. I was wondering where you got the robes?? Thank you so much.

    • May 7, 2015 at 10:05PM
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When it came to my cousin Amanda's 9th birthday no theme was more fitting for the little diva then a super fun pampering Spa party to celebrate!

I designed this collection with a color palette of pinks & watery blues.  Other details included a small mosaic tile background pattern, a white scrolly picture frame, and bubbles of course. The themed party circles feature a cute cartoon image of a blonde hair beauty enjoying a nice bubble bath, an adorable Victorian vanity silhouette image,  and make up!

The living room space was transformed into "Amanda's Spa" reservations preferred, walk-ins welcome, complete with separate manicure and pedicure stations, and a facial station.  To aide in the transformation, I purchased plastic bubble printed shower curtains.  I took down the existing curtains and hung these instead! What an amazing touch this added to the room! I used the existing armoire as the reception area and hung the bathrobes and matching aqua spa headbands up on blue hangers.  Of course Miss Amanda got the special peace sign bathrobe for being the birthday girl!

Over the mantel I hung a jumbo poster that I created out of the graphic from the themed circles, of the girl in the bathtub.  I filled apothecary jars with pink dove soap bars, cotton balls, and jumbo pearlized gumballs to look like bubbles.

Little divas were greeted by the "receptionist" that changed them into their spa robe and offered them a refreshing bottled water, it's always a good idea to stay hydrated during spa services ;-)

Each guest cycled through each of the stations. "Spa technicians" Amanda's older sister and her friends, painted their nails, applied face mask, and set them up to soak their feet in soapy water.  Teen Bop magazines were given out to the girl's at the pedicure station.  It was so cute to see them all gossiping over the newest Justin Bieber news while getting their feet soaked.

After each girl finished their services a game was played to have their toes painted.  Similar to hot potato, the girls sat in a circle.  Each girl held a different color nail polish that they passed around while music played.  When the music stopped whichever color they had they painted on their first toe on each foot.  We did five rounds, until everyone's toes were painted in a fun kaleidoscope of colors.

Other games included "pin the cucumbers on the spa lady", a lipstick pinata, and a hair dressing game.  Two girls acted as the hair dresser, and two were the clients.   I bought a variety of hair ties, clips and headbands.  In 1 min each hairdresser had to make the craziest hairstyle they could, and all the other girl's voted on who's was the best.  The winner won a hair rubber band lollipop.  They were $1.00 at Michael's, and looked similar to a rubber band ball on a stick made completely out of colorful hair rubber bands.  Sooo Cute.

After services and games, girl's sat for their spa lunch; ham and cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread, vitamin water, and Trader Joe's kettle corn! The hot pink color of he Vitamin water, and the aqua blue striped bags of the kettle corn fit beautifully with theme colors, I couldn't resist!

The Dessert table was set up on the server in the dining room.  It was a perfect place for the delectable treats, there was a gorgeous venetian oval glass mirror hung above it, that mimicked the frame I used in the graphics for the  treat labels and invitation :-) Don't you just love when things come together so perfectly like that!

Sweet treats included:

Lipstick push pops- Cupcakes stacked in push pop containers, the last cupcake I cut off at an angle like a lipstick top and iced with pink buttercream frosting!

Bubble bath cake pops- French toast flavored cake pops dipped in aqua colored chocolate, dusted with disco dust to give it some sparkle, and topped with dripping white chocolate, coconut, and mini pearl nonpareils to look like sudsy bubble bath! HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! The girl's fell in love with these!

Sugar cookies were made and decorated by yours truly! I followed sweet Sugar Belle's recipe (most talented sugar cookie expert on the web) to the tee and they came out perfect! I then iced them in aqua royal icing, and dusted with sparkle disco dust.  I purchased the cutest silicone mold off of Etsy of a comb and mirror set, that I filled with pink chocolate.  Each little chocolate mirror and comb set i glued on the top of the cookies with royal icing, and used metallic edible paint to paint the mirror part!

Other treats included cupcakes, a chocolate fountain, and aqua rock candy!

The cake was baked and iced by me! I dyed the cake mix aqua blue of course and iced it in pink butter cream frosting! I order the most adorable bubble bath fondant cake topper as a custom order from the amazingly talented Alisha of Sugar Dough Designs on Etsy!

"Milk Bath" was served in mini vintage milk bottles with striped paper straws flanked with "bubblicious" pennant flags.

Guests were treated to the ultimate in luxurious favors before they ended their day of pampering! I created a mini "dessert table" out of sweet smelling soaps all made to look like delectable treats. I custom ordered these treats from Denise Mancuso of Aj's Sweet Shop on Etsy.  Soap treats included aqua blue and pink ice cream cones, cake pops, rock candy, and wafer cookies.  Along with their soap they received a shower puff "sundae" displayed in an ice cream cup. 

This party was so super fun to design and execute! I think I had just as much, if not more, fun at this party then the little divas themselves!


Party styling- Danielle Cutie Putti Paperie

Printables and decorations- Cutie Putti Paperie

Bubble bath fondant cake topper- Sugar Dough Designs

Sweet treat soaps- AJ Sweet Soap

Paper Straws- Hey Yo Yo Etsy

Mirror and Comb Mold- Moldland 110 Etsy

Disco Dust, Push Pop Containers, metallic edible paint- N.Y.  Cake 

Sugar cookie recipe- Sweet Sugar Belle





Cutie Putti Paperie
Manhattan, New York
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