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Toy Story Themed 1st & 2nd Birthday Party (28 photos)


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In search to create a great combined birthday party for my 1 & 2 year old I found that a Toy Story Themed party would be perfect. I love that the movie really portrays Woody & Buzz friendship and I wanted all my guests to noticed that with my boys. I thought it would be fun to dress them up as the main Charaters. My oldest was dressed as Woody and My youngest as Buzz. I used all kinds of props for the kids to be intertained such as: Glow in the dark swords, Army Tags, Sheriff Badges, & Cow Boy Hats. I tured my basement into a Toy Story Play House. Which I divded into four seections: 1. Movie section where the children could watch all the Toy Story movies all afternoon long. 2. The arts & crafts section where the children could each color a piece of a giant Toy Story puzzle. 3. Was the gaming section where the kids were able to play lots of fun games, such as: Toy Story bowling, Pin the badge on Woody & Buzz, Build mr & mrs. Potato Head, & a tattoo station. Lastly the 4th area was a lounging aread where the parents could hang out and enjoy the party. I had Toy Story music playign in the background. For favors I purchased Toy Story cups and filled them up with candy, a slinky dog, army men, and lot's of toy story themed toys. For food I had pizza for the space rangers, quesadillas & tacos for the cowboys. To end the party we had a Woody & Buzz Piñata and had come cake and cupcakes for those who wanted an individual treat! Btw I also bought a live size Woody & Buzz cardboard poster that the kids could take pictures with as a keepsake. 

I bought most of my props at Party City and ordered some online at and The games such as Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads, Toy Story Giant Puzzle, and Bowling I bought at Target.

Rocville, MD
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