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Sweet 16 (30 photos)


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We hosted a surprise 'Sweet 16' birthday party with a 'Team Jacob' theme for my sister. Before her grand entrance, she was given an early birthday gift... a replica of Bella's birthday dress and jewelry.

We chose a colour theme of red/brown/orange - basically 'fire' inspired - to represent Jacob's high temperature - and paw prints pattern due to the fact he is a werewolf!

I found quotes and pictures on the internet and using fancy paper from ebay I made a variety of posters and banners as decorations. I became obsessed with making tissue pom poms - almost gave up on my first one - but persevered and was pleased with the outcome. My cousin did a fantastic job of some replica movie posters using photoshop to put my sisters face on Bella's.

We had a red-themed dessert table that included a Jacob cake surrounded by a feather boa as well as Jacob cupcakes. My mum put together the party favors (she is a big fan of ebay) using paw print bags, custom lollipop covers and custom chocolate wrappers.

I adore and I love jacquelinesPaper who created cutom paw print table confetti and gift tags. My husband was on cocktail duty and created a fabulous red punch.

Finally, we had a number of games... a 'Sophie' themed quiz, 'Sophie' bingo, Pass the Parcel and my favourite game... 'Kiss the Jacob' - a take on pin the tail on the donkey!

We ended the evening with a photoshoot with a Jacob life-size cutout!

Samantha Adams
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
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