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Shark Tank Party (23 photos)


The Coral Reef

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The "Shark Tank" party was prepared for 15 boys (7 years old).

The tables were dressed with fishing nets, bowls of blue candy with gummy sharks and swedish fish "floating" in them, cups of "shark teeth" (bugles).  

We served "shark bites" (boneless/skinless chicken wings) with "shark bait" (watermelon) served out of a watermelon carved as a shark, "shark pushups" (blue jello with large shark gummies in push pop containers), and "shark water" (blue gatorade) was drank with "shark spectacles" (glasses that act as straws).  

There was a bowl of blue water beads with play sharks lurking in the midst for the boys to go on a shark hunt ....

We also had shark poppers (sharks with a trigger that causes a ball to pop out) and point valued buckets for the boys to practice target practice. 

The host site has a large play system in the backyard, so the boys loved going out back to play, althougth they did not last was extremely cold.  

Each guest was thanked with a favor of a "grow a shark" and their "shark spectacles"


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Jonesboro, Arkansas
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