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Little Chefs Party (8 photos)


Cafe sign

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The Party Inspiration
This pizza party was a just-for-fun, get together.  We created a casual and relaxed, pizza parlor atmosphere, but offered plenty to keep the girls busy.

The Decor
Classic red, white, and black was the color scheme for this pizza parlor inspired gathering.  Combining the red and white checks with whimsical black and white floral printed fabrics gave the pizza parlor a girly flare.  We created a hand-painted café sign for the party game.

The Party Table
The party table was set pizza parlor style.  We carried the party colors throughout with red and white checkered fabrics, polka dotted utensil bundles and accented with black and white floral fabric.  A pizza assembly station was set up with red mini buckets filled with favorite pizza toppings.  A homemade black and white, polka dotted cake… didn’t even get touched.  The girls were so excited to feast on their own cupcake works-of-art.

The Activities
The lunch guests arrived to a kitchen full of pizza dough and toppings.   Each girl was presented with their own personalized apron, and decorated paper chef's hats while we waited for all of the guests to arrive.  Then, they rolled the pizza dough and covered their individual pizza pies with their favorite toppings.  While the pizzas were in the oven, the girls got to work on decorating their dessert…cupcakes, of course.  Frosting, sprinkles and whimsical black and white cupcake wrappers from Confetti Couture made for gorgeous cupcake creations.

After lunch, the guests were given badges.  Some guests were cooks, some servers, and the rest (including any lingering mommies) were customers in our pretend café.  The play kitchen was set up and kid sized tables set like a café, open for business.  The girls took turns playing each role, and had a ball running the café. 

Free printables for badges and menus:

The Party Favors
The party favors were small red mixing bowls with whisks and rolling pins, as well as the personalized apron they wore for the party.

This simple theme party proved to be a huge success; a fun get-together for the girls.


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