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Pinwheel sip and see (31 photos)


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Baby born means baby to be celebrated! So to debut our first kiddo, we threw a Southern style “sip and see” last summer. Since everything felt a bit out of control in our lives with this little one’s arrival, I conjured a spinning-themed party…pinwheels, hula hoops, spinning tops.

For a couple weeks, nursing meant pinwheel-making time. I think I made somewhere over 300 of them (they’re super easy – and I bought a huge pack of scrapbooking paper at Michael’s for a range of colors/patterns and to eliminate cutting paper into squares.). They lined the whole front yard, and really spun well in the perfectly-timed wind. Excess paper was sliced into strips to make a spinning garland.

The backyard had pre-formed white pinwheels for other kiddos to decorate and hula hoops for them to do some spinning of their own. And the munchies? All things that fizzed, popped, or spun – and nothing that I had to cook or bake. Perfect for a time-stretched, worn-out new mom.


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