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Glamour Cowgirl Birthday Party (31 photos)


Glamour Cowgirl Party
Party Invitation & Paper goods Design by: Kroma Design Studio {}

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Company Name: Kroma Design Studio
Blog/Website Address:
Contact E-mail for Invitation & Party Printables:


Party Details:
My five year old daughter actually came up with the idea of how she wanted
mom and dad to throw her a glamorous cowgirl birthday party in her
favorite colors: purple and pink (I added a paisley pattern feel for the
western look).  However, since that theme was unheard of...I came up with
some ideas and incorporated props for the girls to dress-up and make them
feel like they were at a "glamorous cowgirl" party.  Much of these
activities and ideas are shown in all the pictures and included of the
following:  The girls were greeted with Glamour Cowgirl kits that
consisted of: little totes filled with pink bandanas, paisley pink
patterned wrist bands, and a cowgirl necklace crafting kit.  Along side to
this each girl was given a fill-in DIY handmade cowgirl badge (which I
made with one of my tag designs, adding crepe paper around it to give it a
more pretty girly look, and glued a pin behind it so the girls could wear
it*).  Furthermore, my husband made with the Yu-du screening machine sold
at Michael's, personalized pink totes that had inside each pink cowgirl
hats and cowgirl boot cups with pink and purple paper straws for

*DIY Cowgirl Badge - I will be presenting a free printable with DIY written and photographed tutorial of the steps for these soon.  

Activities & Games:
Once most of the girls were settled in, each girl
crafted her own cowgirl necklace, which was followed by a take-home
picture of each individual girl.  Other activities and Games afterwards
were those such as: pin the tail on the horsey (board designed by myself),
blew "Yee-Haw" bubbles (labels also designed by myself), cowgirl and
indian tag, potato sack races, face painting, and the piñata.  Luckily
since the setting was under a large Gazebo lakeside at a beautiful private
park with a playground the children had lots of room to run and have fun.

Dessert & Snack Table: 
Each picnic table for guest and children had a
basket filled with small bagged chips.  The main dessert and snack table
was filled with simple but yummy goodies, which had cowgirl labels
throughout; such as: cowgirl pretzels, cheese doodles, gumballs, sixlets,
hershey bars, chocolate covered marshmallows, cake, and every cowgirl's
favorite that day...."Cowgirl S'More Kits!"

The girls had an amazing time and the best part of all was the smile on
their faces because they got to take it all home to enjoy!


Vendor Credits & Resources:

- Invitation, Printable Glamour Cowgirl Party Signage, tags, labels, and
more: Kroma Design Studio (
- Cowgirl hats, bandanas, wristband, necklace kit, totes, and cowgirl boot
cup: Oriental Trading (
- Pink & Purple Paper Straws: Party Fairy (
- Baskets & Bubbles - Dollar Tree (
- Cake & Candy: BJ's Wholesale Club (


Miami, FL
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