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Regan's Bake Shop (25 photos)


Beautiful invitation from Paper & Pigtails

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To celebrate my daughter turning four we had 6 of her friends over from school to bake, decorate, and eat cake! Each child got a chance to make cupcake liner flowers to decorate their personal chef hats. They also got to color on their own mini chef aprons that had their names pre-heat transfered onto them by me. Once we were all looking the part of chefs we stepping into the kitchen and started mixing all the ingredients we would need to bake our own cakes. The kids LOVED cracking the eggs the best. When all the ingredients were mixed together the kids poured the "batter" into cake pans and placed them in the non-heated oven. While our cakes were "baking" we sang Happy Birthday and cut into a delicious 6 layer rainbow cake. The kids also enjoyed cake pops, cheese balls, fruit slices, and mini baked donuts while drinking milk served in little glass bottles with paper straws. Once the food was gone we headed back to the kitchen to decorate our cakes. I had pre-baked and pre-frosted 7 individual cakes so each child would get their own. With their moms help each kid picked from the cupcake tower of toppings and got to work decorating their master pieces. I made a personalized name banner for each child to use on their cake as well. Once we were done everyone stayed and played with all our play kitchen toys as well as pretended to sell baked goods from the Bakery Shop Window Prop my husband made for the party.

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