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A Preppy Plaid St. Patrick's Day (13 photos)


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To me, St. Patrick's Day is a "sleeper" holiday. It's one that typically doesn't get as much attention from the planning standpoint, but one that inevitably ends up being tons of fun! This year, we decided to get a head start on the favorite Irish favorite by creating a fun, classic printable collection that is simple to coordinate linens and serve ware with. Plaid is just about as classic as it gets. And it gives this dessert table a preppy feel that was fun to run and play with. The menu included the following:

* Lime green individual jello-'s in footed, glass dessert dishes complete with a bow-tie and a printable charm (no pinch!)
* Extra large chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with printable cupcake wrappers
* "Appletini" Shots, a.k.a "Liquid Gold" with printable drink flags (recipe below)
* Chocolate-chip cookies
* Beer, a.k.a "Lucky Charm" with printable bottle labels

For decor, the backdrop was created out of alternating strips of burlap and green & white floral fabric. The table was an old, large rustic trunk I found at an estate sale. Other decor included a large wrought iron vase filled with neutral-colored hydrangeas, green beads and a glittered top hat, as well as a gold geometric-patterned decorative plate on an easel. The cupcakes, shots and cookies were served on tiered dessert stands from Crate & Barrel.


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