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Rainbow Bright Birthday (41 photos)


Party Favors and cookie favors made by Cookies Are My Canvas.

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My best friend and I have birthday's 2 weeks apart. This year is our 10th anniversary as friends so we decided to have a throw back to age 10 birthday. That would put us back in 1988 and what more does a little girl in the 80's love than Rainbow Bright, unicorns, Care Bears, Barbies and all the many icons from that era. We had an absolute blast planning this party, memories flooded us and we spent hours laughing and recalling all the fabulous memories of the 80's.

Rainbow Bright was our inspiration and we centered the party around a rainbow theme, incorperating unicorns as well. The sweets table was filled with rainbow colored candy and gumball machines. We had beautiful cookies designed by Sweet Surrender cookie co. and an incredible rainbow cake and rainbow cupcakes made made by CuppyCake. A rainbow array of gatoraide filled mason jars. The decorations were all DIY'd by me! Our back drop was a 9 foot paper roll that I took from my photography studio. In front of the back drop we hung 10 rainbow colored pom poms and paper lanterns.

On our goodie bag table we had 12 bags designed by myself all filled for our guests. Inside each bag was a bundle of jelly braclets, a rainbow ring, a babysitters club book, a sheet of unicorn stickers, a ring pop and a neon jump rope. With each guest we sent home a beautiful custom designed sugar cookie of either a unicorn or a rainbow. The cookies were made by Cookies Are My Canvas and they were increcible! On this table we also displayed a picture of my best friend and I at age 10. Above the table we hung a large rainbow with a cloud at either end with each of our names printed on it. The clouds were raining rainbow colored hearts.

We asked our guest to come dressed as they would have been dressed in 1988 and they totally delivered! After our guests arrived and we had eaten treats and appetizers we headed out to the local rollerskating rink. We skated to our hearts content and didn't even mind all the stares and pointing!

This was the best birthday either of us has ever had, we laughed so hard our faces hurt by the end of the night! 

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Graham, WA
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