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Champagne Birthday Party (9 photos)


Champagne Birthday Party

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Recently one of my best friends turned 30 and she wanted to celebrate in style.  Of course, I jumped right on board!  Kate loves champagne and it seemed like the perfect party theme.  We took a range of metallics, added some glitter and the party was on!

Kate and her husband we lovely enough to help Mr. Lemon and I construct a glitter bubble chandelier over their kitchen island.  The four of us spent an afternoon stringing fishing line and glitter filled ornaments in the middle of their home.  The effect was stunning and last I knew, they still hadn’t removed it!  Because the party continued onto the second floor’s bonus room, we wanted a connection between the two spaces.  We filled the stairwell with about 75 white, gold and silver helium balloons tied with ribbon streamers that came down to the floor.  I really loved how it turned out and walking through the stairwell was a bit magical!  It would also be an amazing way to style an entryway to great your guests.  For the photobooth, a sequined gold fabric worked as a simple but very effective backdrop.  In the store, the fabric looked a bit gaudy, but when we took a few photos of it, we realized that it photographed just perfectly – this is an important thing to remember for photo backdrops!  Make sure to take a few trial photos beforehand to make sure your backdrop isn’t too shiny or hanging to high or low, etc so that you can fix it before the party!

The dessert and drinks table included the champagne and wine as well as chocolate truffles, chocolate covered pretzels with edible gold stars, chocolate shot cups with Bailey’s, and an amazing cake for the centerpiece!  MiraBella Confections (the same people who made my birthday cake!) made the most beautiful and delicious cake!  They took our inspiration photo and made it even better with an amazing caramel coconut filling that was to. die. for.  For the backdrop of the dessert table, I created a champagne bubble inspired canvas art with glittery and shiny gold scrapbook paper – I simply cut out circles and taped them onto the canvas!  I think this could be such a beautiful permanent piece of artwork if you glued the paper down and it was inspired by this piece from Mint Love Social Club.  Champagne flavored lollipops from Vintage Confections were the perfect party favor!

I think this theme would be lovely for New Year’s Eve, any milestone birthday as well as a bridal shower or bachelorette party.  I had such a wonderful time planning with Kate and can’t wait for her next birthday!


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