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Lola's Cupcake Shoppe (19 photos)


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My daughter requested a cupcake birthday party & as the song goes....whatever Lola wants, Lola, Lola's Cupcake Shoppe was started.

She had 4 cousins over for an afternoon of baking, decorating & celebrating.  The girls came in to find their aprons & matching chef's hats, once they were dressed the part we starting making the cupcake batter for the last cupcakes that were needed for Lola's Cupcake Shoppe to open (cracking the eggs was their favorite part).  Once the batters were mixed each girl was given a cupcake tin to make 6 cupcakes.  They picked which cupcake liners to use and which flavors they wanted to make (we had vanilla & chocolate - some made a marble cupcake) and into the oven they went.  While the cupcakes baked the girls enjoyed homemade macaroni & cheese & turkey sandwiches (the birthday girls favorite lunch) and played in the cupcake shoppe for a bit. 

Time to decorate!  Each girl was given a cupcake pedestal to use to decorate their cookies as well as a "to-go" box with a "Lola's Cupcake Shoppe" logo sticker on the top to take home the extras to share with their families.  We had a selection of different color frostings, sprinkles and even mini-marshmallows for them to decorate with.

Each girl selected their favorite cupcake for dessert & we sang to the birthday girl.  The girls played in the Cupcake Shoppe - taking orders, and ringing up "customers" and enjoying the other cupcake treats that were available...cupcake push-pops, mini cupcakes, marshmallow cupcakes, & cupcake shaped cake pops.

We also had a candy table that showcased the cupcake birthday cake as well as rock candy with flags that read "Cupcakes Rock!" and sugar cookies made especially to match the logo and cupcakes.

The drink station offered "Lola's Lemonade" and bottled water along with their "milk bottles" from Shop Sweet Lulu with coordinating straws and flags with their names on them.

My favorite part was having the Cupcake Shoppe (thank you Pinterest for the idea of revamping an old entertainment center) - it gave the girls a place to play and a great place for me to display all of the cupcake treats that were there for them to enjoy!

Each girl went home with a new apron & matching chef's hat, candy treats & a box full of cupcakes!

Detroit, Michigan
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