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Camp Charlie (25 photos)


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Camp Charlie

When Charlie asked for a camping party for his 5th birthday I could not have been more excited. Sure it was December, so this would have to be an indoor bash, but that made it all the more fun to plan.  Charlie adores making s'mores every summer as we always do on annual trips to Maine. So with that as the inspiration I created invitations shaped like marshmallows that were then glued to sticks.  Yes, it was a hand delivery invite but the extra effort paid off as they really set the tone for the party.

When guests arrived they were given a small backpack with a camping scene for them to color. This activity occupied the little campers as we waited for everyone to arrive. We had woodland nature sounds (chirping birds etc.) playing in the main party room which also included a tent and faux fire which was made out of birch logs and felt flames. Once all the guests arrived we played many games including a bear hunt, bug catching, CAMPO (bingo) and more.  For the bear hunt we hid flashlights that they were told a bear had stolen.  Prior to the party we had hidden clues.  The beginning of each each clue started like this:  "We're going on a bear hunt, because we found a sneaky one, he stole all our flashlights and now we can't see, no bear can take a flashlight from me, we'll follow the trail, it will lead us to the bear, let's go!" the kids had just as much fun repeating this poem as they did tracking down the flashlights!  I created bingo boards out of camping themed images purchased on ETSY.  The winner of CAMPO was given a bug painting book.  For the bug catching each camper held a bug net and Charlie threw bugs in the air which they tried to catch.  When they caught a bug they put it in a small container that said "I caught a bug at camp charlie". 

After the games it was time for cupcakes. The table was set with multiple faux fires similar to the fire in the party room.  In between the fires were centerpieces created using marshmallows dipped in chocolate and covered in graham crackers.  Perfect "s'mores" for 15 five year old's.  Each child had a plastic snake on their plate and a frog on their water bottle. They loved these details.  Cupcake toppers were created by Maria at Love &Sugar Kisses.  There were 3 different toppers: campfire, s'mores and a tent - they just fit the theme perfectly.

After cupcakes we "roasted" the marshmallow pops that were on the table over the faux fire. This had to be my favorite part of the party, those 5 year old imaginations led them to pretend roasting for far longer than I would have anticipated.  They had so much fun with it.

At the end of the party the kids were each allowed to fill the backpack they had colored with different treats: marshmallow s'more pops, camp suds (bubbles), Campfire Stew (candy mixed together to resemble beef stew) and camping theme stickers.  All were placed on a table with a sign that said "Fill up your pack before you take a hike!".

This was a fantastic party, the kids had a blast and I loved all the details that went into our camping theme.  The most rewarding part was the "you're the best mommy ever" hug I got from my little guy.  It's worth every minute of time spent to make it special for him.

Cupcake Toppers: Love & Sugar Kisses
Camping Graphics: The Digital Bake Shop
Backpacks: Oriental Trading


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