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Mommy & Me Playdate (24 photos)


"Mommy & Me Playdate"

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Mommy & Me Mother's Day Playdate

Mother's Day!!!  A day when all of us moms are celebrated for all we do all year long!  Well, in my house, my family LOVES to do special things for me on Mother's Day….Me?  My idea of Mother's Day equals a DAY OFF!  However, when you have small kids, they make you cards in school and get all excited about spending the day with you.  So, my daydreams of soaking in a hot tub, sipping on hot tea at the spa is PROBABLY NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  AND…if you're like me and are so busy with work, one day totally dedicated to spending time with your kids one-on-one actually sounds PRETTY GOOD!

So, this is where the concept of "Mommy & Me Playdate" came from.  Imagine you inviting your daughter to "hang out" with you for the day doing girly things.  I can just see the HUGE smile that will be on her face!  Start the day off with a invitation placed on her pillow when she wakes up inviting her your special day.  Get dressed up and head out into the backyard decorated with a vibrant, summery color palette of orange, hot pink and yellow with splashes of gold to play up the summer, fun, festive girlie vibe. 

Hand in hand, you and your daughter walk out into the backyard transformed into a girly oasis!   A lunch of your favorite and your daughter's favorite will be served (by hubby) and eaten at this fabulous table set for two!  To add to the whimsey feel, I created "Tutu Chairs" for mom and daughter's chairs only.  And watch your daughter's face light up when she notices that she will be allowed to drink from a grownup wine glass!  (filled with her favorite juice of course!)

Once lunch is done, it's time to head off to the "Girly Bars"!  First stop, the Smoothie Bar!  Blend away your favorite fruit smoothies and then take them over to the Nail Bar to enjoy while you and your daughter take turns painting each other's nails.  Last stop, the Scrapbook Bar where you will have a variety of photos ready of the two of you that you will create scrapbook pages to begin a Mommy & Me scrapbook.  Have plenty of stickers, scissors, papers and ribbons available to make this super fun!

To end the day on the sweetest note, visit the Sweets Bar full of yummy girly treats including mini-cupcakes, iced cookies and my signature "Cupcake Parfaits" this time using meringue topped snowballs.  All budget-friendly and store-bought.  The finale is a special gift presentation to your daughter thanking her for being your daughter and making it so AWESOME to be her mom!

This was such fun to setup!  My daughters were at school during the photo shoot and I purposely left everything up when they returned from school.  I must say, that the look and squeals from them when they walked out into the backyard was PRICELESS!  My heart warmed and I knew right away that this is the way I wanted to spend Mother's Day with my girls this year.  Spa day?  You'll have to wait….Mommyhood calls!

DIY:  Tutu chairbacks

Vendor Credits:
Event styling: 
Soireé Event Design 

Stay Classic Photography  

Sweets & Smoothie items:  Target

Decor:  my house :)

Soiree Event Design
Minneapolis, MN
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