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Welcome Little Lady Baby Shower (42 photos)


The invitation - Cricut Fancy Frames cut out with silhouette printed on a transparency and backed with cardstock.

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Baby Shower for my granddaughter-to-be using the colors black, gray & fuschia.  My oldest daughter is expecting my first grandchild and we wanted a very special shower to celebrate the occasion.  We chose the colors because these are the colors of the nursery and we wanted to be able to use the decorations in the nursery.  We used silhouettes and chandeliers. 

Tables were decorated with black tablecloths with a piece of fucshia satin fabric draped in the middle.  We used silver chargers, white plates, black cloth napkins, crystle goblets and the center was decorated with Silver candleholders, different vases of flowers, and black bead garland.  On each plate we placed the party favor boxes which were black pillow boxes we decorated with various papers, flowers, ribbons and embellishments and a mini silhouette.

The pergola was decorated with a hanging chandelier, three large frames decorated with large silhouettes backed by fucshia wrapping paper.  The food table was draped with black tablecloths, black rouched fabric and flowers.  We pulled a desk out of the house and decorated it and the hutch with glass jars filled with the mama-to-be's favorite desserts and a sundae bar.  The presents on top were the prizes for the games and we used them as decorations.

The clothesline was used as a decoration and then pulled down later in the shower and guests were asked to name what was on the clothesline.  The person with the most guesses won a prize. 

We also gave each guest a large piece of playdough and gave them a time limit and they all had to make some kind of baby.  The mama-to-be judged and the two most creative won prizes.  We also had guests fill out cards of what the new baby will...   The mama-to-be picked her favorite although the guests really got creative and there were some really clever answers.

We served a special chicken salad, croissants, fresh fruit salad, pasta salad and strawberry walnut poppyseed spinach salad.

We also hung a chandelier, tissue balls, and crystle candleholders in the tree branches and we hung a lady banner over the presents table and chair.

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