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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 Party (39 photos)


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Now what you have all been waiting for, more party details and pictures. I of course had a mini wedding cake not exactly what I ordered but oh well. I will not let a slight detail ruin my party. I had some mini Christmas trees that purchased at the after Christmas sales for $1.79 each. I also purchased some lighted branches at the end of the Christmas season for $10. I placed the cake stand on top of some moss covered foam board I purchased after Halloween. I think they were used to display Halloween decorations but once I saw them I knew they would be perfect for the party. I spread throughout some pine cones, led tea lights, ferns and more artificial flowers. I think it added to the effect of really being in the woods.

Back to my table scape, floating branches and hundreds of paper flower hanging over my gorgeous centerpiece. Candles, light branches, Christmas lights, and led tea lights. All set the dramatic and gorgeous vision I had in my head. Yes, creating this setting did consist of a lot of time and work but it was definitely a labor of love. I enjoy creating another world and blowing away expectations.

As my guests arrived I had the songs played during their wedding in the back ground creating an even more romantic and intimate setting for my guests. Below are a few pictures of my dorky friends taking wild jumping pictures. They are all so gorgeous that they could be vampires themselves, even though some of them were not on that team.


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