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Lego Inspired 5th Birthday Party (24 photos)


Lego Dessert buffet

Building Blocks party printables available at

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I created this Lego-inspired party theme for my son Harvey's 5th birthday. I've been dying to create a Lego-inspired party, but I also wanted to put a unique spin on it. I've seen some fabulous Lego parties on the web, but I wanted ours to reflect everything my boys love about Lego. And I wanted lots and lots of in-your-face colour!

I designed all of the party printables and then tied in all of the food into the same colour scheme. There were two separate tables - the dessert buffet, and a smaller snack table which I directed the kids to first so they could eat something other than sugar. They also had a sit-down lunch of savoury yummies before it was time to hit the desserts.

I usually attempt the cake and biscuits myself, but this time around I enlisted the skills of the awesomely-talented Lisa from Cakes & Biscuits By Lisa. And I'm so glad I did - they turned out perfectly and exactly as I had pictured.

And what's a party without some games? As well as a 'Draw Your Own Lego Character' colouring competition, we also had a 'Pin the Brick in the Wall' game (our Lego version of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'), free-range Lego on the lounge-room rug, and some Lego tower-building races. I also created all the graphics for the games, which I just kept simple and effective.

From all reports, everyone had a great time and the birthday boy loved every minute.

Party Credits:
Party Styling and Food - Crackers Art (
Party Printables - Crackers Art  (
Lego Birthday Cake - Cakes & Biscuits By Lisa (
Lego Biscuits - Cakes & Biscuits By Lisa (
Photography - Crackers Art (


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