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Hunger Games Birthday Party (13 photos)


Custom designed shirts by my hubby.

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I just threw one of my closest friends a Hunger Games themed birthday party this past weekend where we went to see the movie and then had a themed after party in our home. We had a really great time with all the details!

The cornucopia centerpiece, which I think was the main focal point of the party, was super easy to construct! It was made with white cardboard rolled up to form the shape, covered in tin foil in order to extend its curved tail. We then spray painted it with both flat gold and gold glitter. We went to the dollar store and collected little weapons and first aid products to put in and around the cornucopia, just like in the arena. I snatched up some $1 frames to house some Hunger Games images and made a signature drink for the night, The Girl on Fire (a mixture of apple juice, gingerale, cranberry juice and vodka - yums). I also scattered faux white roses around our home with a little creepy message attached from President Snow.

But my favorite little detail were the badges I made, which I referred to as identifiers to make it more Capitol oriented. Everyone could pick a role, whether it be gamemaker, stylist, sponsor or Capitol citizen. For those especially rebellious types, they could claim to be the mockingjay or support the rebellion. The special birthday girl got a birthday token. We also had a reaping ball – it was a fun little detail where I had everyone enter their names and towards the end of the night, I pulled one out at random and gifted the lucky tribute with a Hunger Games poster designed by the hubs. Finally, we had a Real or Not Real banner from Etsy seller, Brickleberry.

To seem more cohesive, we all wore matching shirts designed by my hubs that we uploaded onto and I gave myself a Girl on Fire flame manicure to honor Ms. Everdeen.

Miami, FL
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